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LaserCutter Design

CNC machine.jpg LaserCutter inside.jpg LaserCutter example.jpg

Inkscape plugin



octopi @ [2]

For cutting, the Z-axis is offset by -3mm. Sheet of depron (3mm) is the bottom plane. When cutting 3mm of plywood the Z-axis should be: depron (3mm) plus offset (-3mm) plus thickness plywood (3mm) = 3mm

Settings for Materials @ 2500mw

Operation Material Description Speed # of passes Laser Power Z-axis height
Cutting Poplar plywood 3mm Gamma 180mm/min 6 255 9mm
Cutting Corrugated cardboard t.b.d. t.b.d. 255 9mm
Cutting Birch plywood 1mm verspaget 120mm/min 16 255 7mm
Cutting MDF 1mm verspaget 180mm/min 4-5 255 7mm
Cutting Balsa 1mm 360mm/min (burns @ slower speed) 1 255 7mm
Cutting Tekenkarton BLZ 180mm/min 1 255 6,5mm

Plywood Experiments @ 5000mw

Setting Etching Cutting
Travel Speed 3000 3000
Laser Speed 300 240
Laser Power 100 230
Z-Height =material =material
Passes 1 2
Pass Depth N/A 1 mm